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The Animals

At Lopes Farm we are dedicated to producing flavorful high quality meats while reducing our environmental footprint. 

Our COWS are fed 70% grass and veggies with 30% being spent grain from Maui Brewing Co. The grain-fed method produces tender meat and consistent flavor. We impart grain into the calf's diet to maintain steady weight gain over their lifetime in a low stress environment. 

We feed our PIGS excess food waste from our partners at Andaz Maui, Kula Bistro, Kamehameha Schools Maui, and Kula Elementary School. The food is heated to ensure microbial safety for our animals.

The CHICKENS are fed a combination of grain, veggies, and excess food from all our great partners. Read more about our partners by clicking the link below.

Our seasonal GOATS and LAMBS are grazers and feed on pastures in Kula, Olinda, Haiku, and Waihe'e Maui. Using rotational grazing methods we are able to enhance pasture health. 

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