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Bred and Fed on Maui, HI

-   ABOUT US  -


We are a small island ranch dedicated to creating flavorful high quality meat while diverting waste from landfills. 

At Lopes Farm, we partner with local restaurants, grocery stores, and farmers to collect wasted produce for animal feed. Every week we collect and feed over 44,000 lbs. of produce to our animals on farms in Kula, Olinda, Haiku, and Waihe'e. We believe in using local resources to prevent excess waste from entering our small island landfills.


We also utilize rotational grazing methods to enhance our pastures.  It starts with the cows, goats, and sheep. Their 4 stomach systems allow grasses to digest into rich compost and their individual preferences insure the removal of pasture invasive weeds. The chickens follow for "clean-up" eating worms and other insects that may later harm the cattle. This rotational system creates healthier pastures with better grasses for our animals. 


Your purchase will help us continue diverting waste from landfills and support quality local agriculture.

Join us in creating a food sovereign Maui!

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